Thursday, April 26, 2018

IT International Telcom lands Toronto project

IT International Telecom, with a marine base at Pier 9A in Halifax, has secured a contract to lay 80 km of fibre optic sub-sea cable between Toronto, ON and Wilson, NY. The company has applied for a coasting license to use their Barbados flagged ship IT Intrepid for the work.

The ship is fitted with all the tools required for the project including an ROV and Dynamic Positioning equipment. The project will be conducted in two stages. The first will be a pre-pay grapnel run over the projected route to clear the sea bottom of any obstructions. These could include old cables, fish gear or other debris.Once the route is cleared the cable will be laid in one simultaneous operation to plow, lay and bury the cable one meter into the lake bottom.
The ship is expected to be in  Canadian waters for only four days in total, but the application for a coasting license covers the period July 15 to August 15, 2018.
A full description of the ship's capabilities and the cable laying operation is contained in application number 18-0230 by P.F.Collins Customs Brokers, to the Canadian Transportation Agency found at:

IT Intrepid is a frequent caller in Halifax and was in port from late last year to January 8 of this year for self-maintenance. It was built by Swan Hunter in Wallsend, UK in 1989 as Sir Eric Sharp for Cable +_Wireless (Marine) Ltd. It passed through Boyd Line to International Telecom Inc and was renamed in 2005. Its original tonnage was 6141 grt, and has not been revised.


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  1. Vessel has been near home once this year at Blyth (Northumberland, has since tooled up (and passed inspection) at Rognan. IT Telecom has her own Youtube channel and shows IT Intrepid tooling up in a previous assignment. Nice video. Very few Swans vessels left now but this one is still shouting loudly :) Vsl is heading for Puerto Rico.


    Current specs show room for 10 passengers, now that would be a nice freighter trip.