Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Umiavut aground - update

The Canadian flag cargo ship Umiavut ran out of the channel at the mouth of Lac-St-Pierre, a few miles west of Trois-Rivieres, QC, on August 12. If a ship is to run aground it is always very helpful to have your own tugs and lighterage barges on board to assist in re-floating.

This was certainly the case since the ship is fully equipped to deliver cargoes to the far north, and was soon at work moving cargo to the barges. It may also have received some assistance from a sister ship early in this morning. Unfortunately the ship was returning from the north, and only had empty containers on board, so a lot of lightering may be necessary to reduce its draft.

By late afternoon the tug Clovis T had arrived from Quebec City and the Ocean Intrepide from Montreal, and the latter had a very long towing line stretched out for a floating attempt.

The lighterage tug Ukalik was on its way back from Trois-Rivieres, possibly to assist or to take off more cargo, and later the tug Qimmik returned.

By late evening the two large tugs were on their way back to their home ports, and the ship does not appear to have changed position.

Update #1:
The first refloating attempt was not successful and more lightering will be needed. The small tugs have been busy transferring barge loads to the Port of Trois-Rivières all day August 15, and a second attempt may take place August 16.

The tugs Océan Clovis T. from Quebec and Océan Intrepide from Montreal were on route to the scene early August 16.

Update #2: (revised)
 The ship was freed at about noon time Auguste 16 and is under tow of Océan Intrepide, with Océan Clovis T on a stern line, for Valleyfield to Trois-Rivières.

The ship's own lighterage tugs Ukalik and Qimmik are headed for Trois-Rivières.


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