Wednesday, January 12, 2022


 It is unusual to see a crude oil tanker in Halifax these days, since there is no refinery here to process the commodity.  Therefore today's arrival (January 12) of the Liberian flag Aurviken is notable.

On a gloomy day, threatening snow, the Aurviken makes its way in the Narrows toward Pier 9C. The ship has quantities of frozen spray on its anchors.

The ship dates from 2019 when it was built by Samsung, Koje. At 62,372 gt and 112,802 dwt it is considered to be "Aframax" size, although at the small end of that type (upward limit is 160,000 dwt). Owners Viken Shipping AS of Bergen, Norway operate about 20 ships of various sizes. Formerly bulk shipping operators, and frequent visitors to the Great Lakes, Viken has now shifted entirely to tankers with about a dozen Aframax, one Suezmax and five product tankers. All its ships are placed under the technical management of Wallem Ship Management of Singapore.

The ship is equipped with an exhaust gas scrubber system, with a large stack just aft of its funnel structure.

The ship appears to be loaded, and it is carrying the red hazard flag on its signal mast above the bridge. Its last port seems to be Es Sider, Libya. Canada has some trade sanctions with Libya, but whether that would apply to this ship's cargo is not known to me, nor is its ultimate destination. I see a large backlog of tankers off Saint John, NB, so it is possible the ship is headed there eventually.


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