Friday, January 21, 2022

Tamesis - chilly arrival

 The RoRo ship Tamesis made it way into Halifax today, January 21, through light sea smoke. As air temperatures plunged well into double digits below zero C and with water temperatures relatively high  at +3 C, conditions were ideal for the formation of the fog commonly called sea smoke. 


  The sea smoke did not cause any serious visibility issues today. The tugs Atlantic Cedar and Atlantic Oak were able to take up their positions (forward and aft respectively) to assist the ship to berth at Pier 31 where it will unload RoRo cargo. It will move to Autoport later to unload cars.

The Tamesis dates from 2000 when it was built by Daewoo, Okpo. It is registered at 67,140 gt, 39,516 dwt and is called a Mark IV type ship as opposed to a PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier). With special facilities for oversize and heavy RoRo and breakbulk cargo it can also carry up to 5,496 cars. It has a large 350 tonne stern ramp for the high and wide cargoes.

 The sea smoke diminished as the Tamesis ship neared the inner harbour.

Yesterday's Wallenius Wilhelmsen caller the Boheme was part of the Wallenius fleet and had the Wallenius funnel mark. The Tamesis is a Wilhelmesen ship, but it does not have the Wilhelmsen funnel mark. Instead it  has the greyish colour of the combined fleet. Note also that it carries the green stripe much higher on the hull, with the company banner on the grey portion of the hull.

For comparison the Boheme outbound yesterday, January 20.




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