Monday, January 3, 2022

Colour Choices - Part Two

 Due to the length of the previous post I decided make two posts on the subject of colours. This post might well have been titled Part O.N.E. for it includes the arrival of another one of the Ocean Network Express ships painted in their unique magenta hull colour.

ONE Hangzhou Bay has called here before, but still draws attention - which was surely part of the reason for the colour choice. Its first visit with its current name and hull colour was on June 28, 2021. Working for The Alliance on the EC5 service, the 9120 TEU ship is among the largest ships to transit the Narrows and berth at Fairview Cove.

With three escort ugs, Atlantic Cedar (starboard side) Atlantic Oak (port side) and Atlantic Fir (on a stern line) the ship glided under the MacKay bridge with ease. It is worth noting how clean the hull looks. Despite just more than a year in servce, the paint is remarkably free of scuffs and streaks.

Meanwhile at the other end of the harbour Grande Baltimora was sailing from Autoport, showing somewhat more wear and tear..

The ship carries the bright yellow hull paint of Grimaldi Lines - in this case looking a bit seedy compared to newer ships. Built in 2007 by Jinling Shipyard in Nanjing, China, the Pure Truck and Car Carrier is a 62,134 gt, 18,447 dwt ship with a capacity of 6700 cars. 

Grimaldi's yellow ships are familiar sights in the Mediterranaean and various African ports where the bright sun makes them really shine. The Grimaldi Group also owns the Atlantic Container Line, which uses a more sombre dark blue hull colour, perhaps a more practical choice.

Viewed from Shearwater, the ship passes PSA Halifax outbound for sea.



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