Monday, January 3, 2022

Colour Choices - Part One

 Ships come in all colours nowadays, which certainly brightens up shipwatching. The choice of colour may be part of the shipowner's branding or may simply be one of practicality.

One of this morning's (January 3) arrivals is an interesting example of colour choice. Nova Algoma Cement Carriers operates a fleet of fourteen specialized ships with hulls painted the grey colour of cement. The ships are fitted with a specialized pneumatic unloading system that minimizes dust, so that the colour choice for the hulls may be more one of identifying with their product, than keeping the hulls looking clean.

The NACC Capri is just returning from drydocking in Setubal, Portugal, so its hull is freshly painted, and the ship has had no cement dust on it for some time.

Zhejiang Xinle Shipbuilding of Ningbo, China delivered the ship in 2016. The 5173 gt, 7191 dwt ship is one of three NACC ships registered in Canada. They were acquired to deliver cement manufactured in several locations, including the McInnis Cement plant in Port Daniel-Gascons, on the Gaspé peninsula.

With the five year anniversary of its construction, NACC Capri was due for a major survey and drydocking. Due to limited facilities in Canada, Algoma* chose Setubal for the work and the ship sailed from Johnstown, ON on November 6 and arrived in Setubal November 20. During its absence NACC applied for a temporary coasting license for the Malta flag fleet mate NACC Alicudi to work in Canadian waters from November 12 until December 31 (then extended the license period to January 15).


The NACC Capri appeared to be making good progress as it arrived, but according to AIS it had taken since December 18 to reach here from Setubal. A Caterpillar Diesel service truck was awaiting the ship at Pier 9C. Since the ship had originally been expected to sail directly to Port Daniel, it had apparently experienced some issue en route, possibly related to bad weather.

* Algoma Tankers also opted to send a ship to Portugal for a fourteen day drydocking at the same time. Algosea returned from Setubal, after a very rough crossing, and was upbound in the St.Lawrence Seaway on December 28.


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