Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IFR a done deal

The International Fleet Review came off without any serious hitches today. The only disappointment was the weather - bright hazy/humid air in Bedford Basin and heavy overcast and impending fog in the lower harbour made photography difficult. Hence the heavy edits on some of the following. Read down chronologically.

1. Ships dressed for review in Bedford Basin,USS Boone USS Robert D. Bradley, and CCGS Edward Cornwallis.

2. USS Gettysburg monopolizes the foreground. RFA Fort George to the left.

3. Brazil's Indepencia ready for the review, with Spessart and Fort Gerorge.

4. HMCS Charlottetown salutes HMCS St.John's with the review party on board.

5. In the lower harbour, USS Wasp is at anchor, while small craft begin to clear the area.

6. After taking the final salute from HMCS Athabaskan east of George's Island, St. John's swept around south of the island and lines up for docking at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. HMCS Goose Bay accompanies, with a number of small craft for close in escort [see subsequent posting.]
7. Her Majesty gives Shipfax a close look.

8. Prime Minister Harper deigns to wave at Shipfax, while her Majesty examines us more closely.

9. Tugs come alongside for berthing at the Martime Museum of the Atlantic. Once ashore Her Majesty unveiled a plaque on Sackville, designating the last corvette as Canada's Naval Memorial.

10. By evening the ships started to return to their berths as fog edged in. HMS Ark Royal remains at anchor, but moves further south in the harbour.
As yesterday - refer to the multitude of other sites and blogs for more (and better) photo coverage.

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