Monday, June 28, 2010

IFR lining up.

All day, naval vessels proceeded from their berths to assigned anchorages in Bedford Basin. Regrettably fog and rain or drizzle obscured the view to some extent. By early evening the following lineup was visible from the western shores of the Basin.

1. USS Robert G. Bradley looms behind the pilot boat APA No.1

2. USCG Escanaba blends with the background.

3. HMCS Charlottetown is dressed for the occasion.

4. HMCS Shawinigan and CCGS Edward Cornwallis rest at anchor while the tug Roseway moves a barge. HMS Sutherland fades into the far shoreline.

5. USS Gettysburg looks sleek in profile, while picket boats perform patrols.

6. HMCS Montreal hoists her laundry.

7. Brazilian Independencia comes to anchor while the pilot boat awaits.

For more photos of the IFR and participating ships, see:

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