Thursday, June 24, 2010

International Fleet gathers




Navies from several nations are gathering in Halifax for the International Fleet Review taking place next week. The Royal Navy and the US Navy are sending the largest contingents, but the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France and Brazil will also be represented.

Ships are berthing in the Dockyard and at public and Port Corporation piers. Naval small craft are providing security patrols, boom maintenance and many other duties for the visit.

1. The Dutch Amsterdam is inbound for the Dockyard.

2. USS Bradley and USS Gettysburg are tied up at pier 20. Orange buoys mark an exclusion zone around the ships. USS Boone is inbound in the distance.

3. Yard craft 127 is used to deploy oil booms during fueling operations.

HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will review the fleet on June 29.

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