Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scotia Dock II update

I have not reported on Scotia Dock II, because there was nothing much to report. However there is much activity at the sunken drydock, and there appear to be at least some results.
To recap: the floating drydock sank on May 8, in over 50 feet of water, with her crane rails just visible above the water.
On May 22 she was raised about 10 feet, but then settled down to the bottom again.
For the past few weeks most of the commercial divers in Halifax have been at work on the dock in preparation for another raising.
Today's photo shows the boats from three different diving companies in or at the dock.
-light blue boat, far left: Northcom, Connors Diving
-dark blue boat, centre: Lady Shirleen, RMI Marine
-black boat centre: Belle D owned by Atlantic Towing, but operated by RMI Marine
-green boat far right: Halmar, Dominion Diving
In addition to the work boats several scows are also in attendance, including Dominion's DD2000 and several smaller ones with pumps, cranes and assorted equipment on deck.
All this hard work is bound to pay off, and we may see Scotiadock II on the surface again soon.

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