Sunday, June 13, 2010

Okhta Bridge for bunkers

The Liberian flagged Okhta Bridge moved out to anchor this evening to take bunkers. The chemical/product tanker arrived on Wednesday at Imperial Oil, and on completion of loading and unloading is refueling before setting out for Rotterdam. The 2004 built tanker is owned by the Cyprus based Wonderful Transport Co (sometimes these company names are picked from a hat!) and managed by Unicom Management.

These are merely the front line operators for the largest Russian shipping company, and the fifth largest tanker operator in the world with 143 tankers in its fleet. The notice on the bridge "Safety Comes First", neatly uses the initials SCF which stand for SovComFlot-her real owners.

Much, much more info is available on their extensive web site:

The ship's name comes from the Great Ohkta Bridge in St.Petersburg, Russia.

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