Wednesday, July 10, 2013

APL Agate - the latest G6

The latest ship to arrive for the G6 Alliance, APL Agate tied up at Fairview Cove this morning. The ship is the second of  APL's (formerly American President Lines) five contributions to the new schedule. At 5,020 TEUs, it is not among the largest ships to call in Halifax, but it is impressively large nonetheless.
See Capt' Ken's photo on Ship's Nostalgia for a "bow on" view.
Built in 1997 by Samsung in Koje, South Korea, it comes in at 65,475 gross tons, and is an example of the type of ship now being displaced from former routes by even larger ships. This trickle down effect. will be exacerbated by the opening of the new Panama Canal locks next year (they are talking about even large locks already!) and by the glut of ships in the struggling container trades. Further mergers, rationalizations and scrappings will alleviate this situation somewhat. Mass scrappings are really the only solution, but then there would be a dearth of ships if the world's economy suddenly turned around. Shipping lines are therefore absorbing huge losses in hopes of recovery. Inevitably there will be some that will not be able to hold out, some lines may go under. 
The ship is expected to sail after dark tonight.

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