Friday, July 5, 2013

Sichem Beijing - perhpas to become a common sight

The tanker Sichem Beijing arrived last evening and tied up at pier 9A where it is unloading fuel.There is a pipeline from pier 9 to Wilson's Fuels' tanks on Barrington Street.
With the scheduled close of the Esso refinery in Dartmouth by year's end, Wilson and other independent fuel distributors will likely be buying more gasoline, diesel and furnace oil from offshore and will be bringing it in by tanker, so this will perhaps become a common sight.
Sichem Beijing was built in 2007, and measures 8,537 gross tons, 13,086 deadweight. It is part of the large Eitzen Chemical Singapore fleet. Its tanks are epoxy coated allowing for the carriage of a variety of chemicals and oil products.It is a frequent visitor to the Great Lakes and Halifax.

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