Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MITIQ - now official

Emmagracht upound on the St.Lawrence River on Friday following a stormy passage through the Gulf of St.Lawrence.

Nunavut Eastern Arctic Shipping (managed by Logistec) was quick off the mark to register their newest ship, shortly after its arrival in Valleyfield QC on the weekend.  The former Emmagracht from Spliethoff's became Mitiq officially today when it was registered in Montreal.   [Mitiq means common eider]
It will begin loading for the far north immediately and will sail on July 7 according to the latest NEAS schedule. http://www.neas.ca/pdf/sailing_schedule.pdf
The ship was built in 1995 in the Netherlands and can carry 730 TEU. It has three 60 tonne cranes and has 17 removable pontoon type tween decks.Measuring 8,448 gross tons, its deadweight is 12,760 tonnes.
The Spliethoff E-type data sheet can be found here: http://www.spliethoff.com/uploads/documents/31.pdf

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