Friday, July 5, 2013

René Descartes to make a cable repair

1. Using its thrusters, René Descartes gets away from pier 9, where it was tied up alongside IT Interceptor. The ship works off the stern only and has no bow sheaves.

The cable ship René Descartes sailed this morning to repair a subsea cable. The ship was in port to load replacement cable from IT Telecom's base at pier 9.
Built in 2002 by Hanjin Heavy Industries in South Korea, the ship measures 13, 864 gross tons. It is based in France, and covers most of the North Atlantic in its work for France Telecom orange. The ship's actual operation is entrusted to France Telecom Marine (FT Marine) the owners of the world's largest cable ship fleet.

2. Turned southbound for the sea, René Descartes heads for a position off the Flemish Cap.

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