Friday, March 29, 2024

Another BBC

 A second BBC Chartering ship arrived in Halifax today and anchored in Bedford Basin. Its fleet mate BBC Topaz has been in Halifax since March 20, docked at Pier 9C where it took on a large quantity of gas pipe. See previous post from March 21.

Today's arrival, BBC Rhonetal, will likely load the remainder of the pipe.

BBC Topaz arrived from Port Cartier, QC where it had off loaded vanes for a wind energy project. BBC Rhonetal had more vanes for the same project and waited offshore until the berth became clear to discharge its cargo.

Despite periods of zero visibility in the port today, I was able to grab a few photos when the fog shifted. (The fog tends to move in and out of port with the tide.)

BBC Rhonetal was built in 2013 by Taizhou Sanfu Ship Engineering Co and is a general purpose type ship with full width hatches and box shaped holds. The 14,941 gt, 17,577 dwt ship carries three 80 tonne SWL cranes that can be combined in pairs for 150 tonne lifts. It is also rated for 1047 TEU (nominal) with 152 reefer plugs.


BBC Topaz has completed loading gas pipe in the holds and its hatches have been closed and sealed. Crews spent much of the day rigging two large spreaders and connecting them to their next load.

 It looks like that load will be lifted aboard tomorrow, and as previously reported, it is to be the work boat C-Horizon the former Tidal Pioneer, which will be transported to Europe.

Following the bankruptcy of its previous owners, the vessel was laid up at Dominion Diving in Dartmouth Cove. It was Dominion's tug Dominion Rumbler and workboat Dominion Bearcat that moved the vessel today to Pier 9C alongside the BBC Topaz. (on the ship's port side, and not visible from the Halifax shore.)

I hope that conditions will be clear enough tomorrow to see something of the lifting operation - not as it was for some of the time today:


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