Wednesday, March 6, 2024

ONE Falcon - on the rebound

 With the Red Sea deemed a war zone, many shipping lines are making schedule changes and have altered routings to avoid the area. Some lines are committed to the Red Sea and Suez Canal and have employed armed guards or naval escorts, but others have opted to re-route via the Cape of Good Hope.

Today's arrival (March 6) of the ONE Falcon although a bit unexpected, is not all that surprising. 

The ship's last call here was on February 9-10 when it was on the westbound leg of THE Alliance's EC5 service from Asia to the North American east coast. It had sailed from Colombo January 8 and after Halifax next called in New York (February 13-15), Norfolk (February 17-18) and Savannah (February 22-24). Its normal routing would have taken it next to Jacksonville then returning to Colombo via the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and Saudi Arabia. It appears that the ship skipped Jacksonville and instead headed north for Charleston (February 27-28) and New York (March 1-4) before arriving back in Halifax.

It is now expected to sail for Singapore via the Cape of Good Hope (due April 6) thus missing its usual call in Saudi Arabia. It appears well loaded to its near maximum capacity of 16,026 TEU. Built by Japan Marine United, Kure in 2017 as NYK Falcon the 146,287 gt, 138,907 dwt ship adopted its current name (and paint scheme) in 2021.



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