Thursday, March 21, 2024

BBTopaz loading and what happens next

 The laborious process of loading several hundred gas pipes aboard the BBC Topaz is underway in largely favourable weather conditions. A few extreme wind gusts and snow showers may have caused momentary delays, and some glitches may also have taken place but as far as I can tell the work is proceeding.

There is a fairly good view at Pier 9C, as the ship's cranes lift parcels of pipes and place them in the ship's hold. A reach stacker machine moves pipes from the lay down area to the brow of the pier constantly replenishing the small pile. 

I expect that passing ships are asked to keep a low wake to minimize any chance of the ship rolling.

The Oceanex Sanderling moving from Autoport to PSA Fairview Cove was certainly complying with that request with barely a ripple as it passed early this afternoon.

I was interested to see that the ship was only loading one hold, and using one crane. That will certainly mean that the loading process will continue into the weekend.

Once the pipe is loaded aboard I understand that the ship will take aboard the multi-purpose vessel C-Horizon ex Tidal Pioneer  See my February 27 post. Despite the coasting license application to use the vessel to move a tide turbine, I believe it was not used, and it is now being delivered to England to satisfy a previous commitment.


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