Sunday, March 24, 2024

MSC SaoPaulo V - update

 A quick recap and update on the MSC Sao Paulo V.

As previously reported  on  March 5 through  March 9  (with updates) the fire damaged MSC Sao Paulo V was towed to Quebec City for damage survey. Since Quebec City has no facilities for unloading or storing containers it became a quesiton as to what would become of the ship's cargo. I have no confirmation on this, but it is likely that General Average was declared and all cargo owners will have to contribute to a general fund before their cargo can be released. In the meantime the ship will have to be unloaded and its entire cargo impounded.

It has now been confirmed that the ship was been towed out of Quebec City March 22 and is bound for Halifax. The Quebec City based Océan Taïga is towing and the Océan Raynald T has a line astern. This morning, March 24, AIS showed the tugs and tow in the lee of the land off Cap Trinité between Baie-Comeau and Sept-Iles, in high winds. Later in the day they were well underway again at 6.6 knots with an ETA in Halifax of March 28.

Meanwhile the big Dutch tug ALP Sweeper departed Ponta Delgada, Portugal March 19 for Halifax and is due March 26. It is expected to tow the ship away - destination as yet unknown. It is fairly certain that the ship will be completely unloaded in Halifax before going. It then depends on the condition of the ship whether it will be repaired or sent to the scrappers. Prospects for a ship built in 1998 do not appear favourable after an engine room fire that spread to accommodations.


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