Thursday, March 7, 2024

MSC Sao Paulo V - Update #3

 The container ship Sao Paulo V is anchored near Prince Shoal at the mouth of the Saguenay River as eforts continue to extinguish a fire on board. Tugs moved the ship from its initial position to deeper water to prevent it from running aground at low tide. It initially stopped off Grandes Bergeronnes on March 3 when fire broke out in the engine room. [see previous posts]

Owners, the Mediterranean Shipping Company, MSC, have brought in teams of specialist fire fighters from the United States and have stated that the fire is under control but not fully extinguished. The fire is believed to have spread from the engine room to the accommodation block.

It appears that MSC has been very careful not to abandon the ship, as that could launch a costly salvage claim. Instead they have been rotating some crew members to standby fleet mate MSC Giovanni for rest, while ensuring that some crew members remain on the ship at all times. The hired fire fighters from the US have been engaged directly - not as salvors. Another fleet mate MSC Celine is also anchored nearby, and may also be providing facilities. I believe that there are pilots aboard both standby ships, and that they are also being spelled off in rotation.

The tug l'Anse du Moulin may be acting as a shuttle, while Ocean Taiga is standing by alongside the MSC Sao Paulo V, possibly spraying cooling streams.

News is hard to come by, but I will update again of I learn  anything new.

MSC Sao Paulo V in Halifax August 27, 2023.


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