Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tirranna takes a turn

 The Wallenius Wilhelmsen auto carrier Tirranna arrived yesterday at Autoport. Unionized employees are still on strike there, but replacement workers unloaded the cargo - perhaps more slowly than the usual work force. Early this afternoon today (March 5) the ship moved to Pier 9C to off load RoRo cargo. As usual it proceeded through to Bedford Basin, turned and came back to the Narrows tying up starboard side to the pier. The sun made a temporary appearance for the turn, so that pictures could be taken.

 Moving northward through the Narrrows, theTirranna has the tugs Atlantic Oak forward and Atlantic Bear aft to assist in turning.

Once into Bedfrod Basin the ship made a tight counter clockwise turn (ships often make a wider clockwise turn.)

The turn gave lots of clearance from the CCGS Kopit Hopson 1752  which was exercising or trialing in the north end of the Basin.

Heading back toward the Narrows, the tugs are out of sight on the port side.

Coming in toward Pier 9C, the ship passes a huge consignment of gas pipe which is stockpiled for export. (There is no ETA for a ship yet.) 

The Tirranna is on the usual Wallenius Wilhelmsen transatlantic route from Bremerhaven, Goteborg and Zeebrugge and is due to sail this evening for US ports.

Built in 2009 by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in Okpo, South Korea, the 71,673 grt, 29,936 dwt ship has a capacity of 7,620 automobiles.

This is the fourth ship in the Wilhelmsen fleet to carry the name of the Albanian capital, (Wilhelmsen ship names begin with the letter "T").

For more on that previous ship, and photos from a revious visit of this ship, Shipfax January 14, 2018


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