Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hanseatic - wastes no time

The German owned passenger ship Hanseatic wasted no time leaving Halifax this afternoon. She arrived in dense fog early this morning, took bunkers and several truck loads of stores, and left promptly at 1645hrs in sunshine. She was up to speed by the time she reached Ives Knoll.

An earlier visit by the ship was the result of grounding in the Arctic. On August 29, 1996 she ran aground on King William Island in Simpson Strait at 68 degrees 33.45 minutes N X 97 degrees 32.12 min W. She was en route Nome, Alaska to Resolute with 153 passengers and 115 crew.

Of those on board most were taken to Resolute by Kapitan Dranitsyn, but others were landed in Cambridge Bay. USCG Nahidik and CCGS Louis S St-Laurent were soon on the scene, as was a tug from Johansen Bay, sand the ship refloated September 8. She reached Halifax September 24 and was drydocked until October 5 for hull repairs.

The ship was built in 1991 in Finland as Society Adventurer. She is ice strengthened. According to Lloyd's Register she has 94 cabins, and became Hanseatic in 1992.

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