Thursday, May 27, 2010

Herring running

1. Dual Venture making heavy weather of it, as she heads in to Halifax. She has her stability paravanes rigged.
2. Dual Venture passing George's Island. She has now shipped the paravanes.

3. Tasha Marie approaching the dock.

4. Lady Melissa tied up quietly.

The herring are running again and the usual fleet of southwest Nova Scotia herring seiners are landing their catches in Halifax. Although today's rough weather meant that the boats came back to port empty handed, they have been unloading large quantities at pier 27. The catch goes directly to tank trucks or fish boxes and then to plants in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.
In addition to the boats shown above, Sealife II and Leroy and Barry No. II are also in port this evening. All are tied up at the Tall Ships Quay, at the foot of Morris Street. Morning Star is berthed at nearby Bishops Landing.

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