Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toronto Ferry Scenes

1. Trillium and company.

2. Sam McBride approaches the dock with Trillium in the foreground.

3. Marilyn Bell I in mid-route.

4. David Hornell on standby at the airport.

5. The entire route, including terminal slips is included in this photo.

Toronto has a very interesting ferry scene, particularly for those who like double ender ferries, and those who like older ferries. It also has some new ferries that ply a very unusual route.
I took these photos during my brief visit May 16, 2010.

1. The City of Toronto runs a wonderful fleet of ferries, the most outstanding one being Trillium, built in 191o in Toronto by Polson Iron Works. It is the last steam powered sidewheel ferry in operation in North America, and has been restored to operating condition, using its original machinery. It will be doing some special activities this year as part of its 100th birthday.

2. Outstanding in their own right are the William Inglis (1935) Sam McBride (1939) and Thomas Rennie (1951.) These classic double enders run on a regular service to Toronto Island.
3. Much newer to the scene is Marilyn Bell 1, built in 2009 as TCCA 2. She runs for the Toronto Port Authority joining the mainland to the Toronto Island airport, now called the Billy Bishop Airport, and used by Porter Airlines.
4. The previous ferry on the run, David Hornell (built in 2005 as TCCA 1 and renamed earlier this year) is the standby vessel, and now sports a blue pilothouse.
5. The route across the western entrance to Toronto harbour takes all of 15 seconds, and is shown in its entirety in this wide shot.

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