Sunday, February 24, 2013

CCGS G.Peddle gets a paint job-and mystery pocket.

The CCG patrol boat G.Peddle emerged from the module shop at Halifax Shipyard on Friday and by 1300hrs  today had been rolled back in again, newly painted.
CCGS Constable Carrière, which is also under construction, was tarped over to prevent overpsray in the brisk winds.

A primer coat was quickly followed by an undercoat which looked very navy like.It was left overnight.
This morning a painter finishes off the white superstructure and the module shop door has been opened to take the ship back inside.
I have been told that this work is done on the weekends because the painters are independent contractors and not members of the shipyard unions. To avoid conflict, and to ensure that the contractor has control of the work area (for guarantee reasons) there are few if any other shipyard workers on site.
 Mysterious quarter pocket, with water tight door, is covered with a liftable plate when the ship is completed,


  1. What is that curious notch for at the port quarter?

  2. ejectable gas tank sits there

  3. Storage for Gas Tanks that can be ejected over board in case of fire...I wish I was joking.

  4. MSPV's 5 through 9 are for conservation and protection duties. This area will be used for hauling fishing gear.

  5. Not a great place to haul gear,, so close to the screws.. the design has been a disappointment from the get go. Typical major crown (clown) effort.

  6. the pocket is for a fuel tank for the rhibs