Friday, February 1, 2013

North Contender - to Basin anchorage

1. North Contender passes the new pier 9C extension project in the Narrows...
2. ... then under the MacKay bridge, headed for Bedford Basin anchorage.

The chemical tanker North Contender anchored in Bedford Basin this morning awaiting her turn at Imperial Oil.* The ship was built in 2005 by Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co in Japan, and is owned by a Japaense company based in Panama, but is operating for Eitzen Chemical (USA) LLC, one of the largest chemical tanker fleets with a fleet of fifty ships.They are frequent callers in Halifax, usually with the prefix "Sichem".
If flies the flag of Panama and is a ship of 11,662 gross tons and 19,925 deadweight tonnes.It is fitted with heated stainless steel cargo tanks, and can carry a number of different products at the same time.
More about Eitzen and its fleet:
In the fleet list, under the ship's name you will find a capacity drawing, a general arrangement drawing and a "Q88" form, which gives every conceivable detail about the ship.

* the ship never did go to Imperial Oil. It sailed on Saturday February 2 for the St.Lawrence River. It shows on the Port of Trois-Rivières web site. 

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