Friday, June 19, 2009

Melfi Lines update

Melfi Lines originally announced that they would be canceling calls in Halifax in favour of Montreal. The June 15 visit was to be the last for Melfi.

However, something changed. It now seems that Melfi will only load export cargo in Halifax and will unload import cargo in Montreal. The import cargo is from Spain, and Melfi obviously feels that it can deliver faster and closer to market if it lands that cargo in Montreal.

Export cargo is mostly for Cuba, which is generally not time sensitive, and so it can be shipped from Halifax. As you can see the cargo consists of containers and vehicles - some European and some Canadian - all bound for Cuba.

Yesterday's departure of MELFI IBERIA therefore does not represent the end of the line in Halifax as orginally reported. [see May 24 below]
Update: Initial reports turned out to be correct - Melfi is no longer seen inHalifax, and all ships have been sailing from the St.Lawrence River. Stay tuned for winter!

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