Sunday, January 3, 2010

Clean up

Last night's storm was accompanied by a storm surge, which washed over several low docks at high tide. It also washed debris from the shore line into the harbour, causing numerous navigational hazards. The Port Authority's work boat Maintainer 1 has the chore of retrieving all such loose objects, and was hard at work this afternoon.

The boat was built by A.F. Theriault of Meteghan River especially for this kind of work and is equipped with a knuckle boom crane. When not cleaning up debris, her main job is maintaining the fenders at the various piers. These consist of large industrial tires fitted around timbers and slung from the pier faces by chain. They also carry away in storms, and need to be rounded up and re-secured.
Maintainer 1 is fitted with a towing bitt, so that she can tow large objects, including fenders and flotsam of all sorts.

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