Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stormy Day

A major storm with high winds, snow and rain, has slowed Halifax shipping activity. Several ships are at anchor awaiting better conditions to berth or to take bunkers. Others will remain in port until they can sail safely.
Bedford Basin has three ships at anchor, the idled Georgia S, which was in port anyway, the coastal RoRo Dutch Runner on her weekly run from St-Pierre et Miquelon and the bulk /cargo ship Federal Schelde in for bunkers. The container ship OOCL California is idled at the Fairview Cove container terminal due to high winds.
In the lower harbour the tankers Bow Tone and Chemtrans Oste are at anchor, but will not berth at Imperial Oil until conditions improve. Container ship Astoria Bridge is idled at Halterm pier due to weather.
At the deepwater piers Vossborg is at pier 27 waiting to load wood pellets and Atlantic Huron is at pier 25 in winter layup. Saudi Diryah remains at pier 31, waiting to complete her loading. She has been in port since December 31.
Since a storm surge is also predicted, conditions on the waterfront are less than ideal for ship watching.

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