Sunday, February 28, 2010


The storm did surprisingly little damage despite its high winds. Terre were no marine casualties that I am aware of. However the tugs Point Chebucto and Svizter Bedford pushed against the tanker Cap Felix for about 22 hours. Starting at 0800 on Friday when they left the tug dock, until they returned to their dock ay 0700 hrs Saturday. Fortunately tyhe crews were relieved on Friday afternoon - the normal crew change time- when Point Valiant took the fresh crews over them.
There were indeed four ships anchored in Bedford Basin for the worst of the storm. Dutch Runner went out and joined the others Friday afternoon.

Sunday afternoon: another storm is predicted for tonight with almost as high winds. The 100+kph from Friday will not be repeated, but gusts will certainly approach or exceed 90kph.
This time the tanker Cap Felix has put to sea. She will loaf around outside the zone until this storm passes. The tanker Acadian has gone to anchor in the Basin and is joined this evening by Algoma Dartmouth. Two container ships and an autocarrier that would likely have been here over the weekend will now be arriving tomorrow, once the worst of the weather has passed.

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