Monday, February 15, 2010

Traffic Jam at Halterm

Who says the port of Halifax isn't busy (at times.)

There was a real traffic jam at Halterm late this afternoon as Venice Bridge and Zim New York arrived and had to wait until Cala Paguro and Zim Barcelona finished loading and departed. Melfi Iberia was also in at pier 42.

First in was Venice Bridge. She was met by the tug Atlantic Oak in the Middle Ground area and swung out into the harbour off pier 31 to leave room for Cala Paguro to leave, assisted by Point Chebucto.

Meanwhile Svitzer Bedford had met Zim New York at Middle Ground and was turning her off pier 41. When Point Chebucto had finished with Cala Paguro she went in to assist Zim Barcelona to leave.

Unfortunately there was no vantage point to capture all this on film.

The photo above shows Venice Bridge and Zim New York arriving.

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