Monday, February 22, 2010

Sneeky Pete

Can't resist a pun, so here it is.
The Dutch flagged Frisium arrived at pier 31 today to load utility poles. This super low airdraft vessel is more at home sliding up European rivers, but remarkably here it is. At only 1786 gross tons, this is one of the smaller ships we will see in Halifax this year.
Oh yes - the pun. The ship was built by Peters Kampen Shipyard and is registered in the port of Sneek. Sorry.
Built in 1992 she was formerly named Thalassa until 1998, and is now part of the Boomsa fleet:

Peters Kampen is the yard that was involved in the ill-fated deal that brought down Port Weller Dry Docks, and Boomsa operates the one ship that was completed and the one that was partially built at Port Weller before it became bankrupt.
Update: The Frisium sailed at 8 am Tuesday February 23 giving her destination as Droheda (Drogheda) Ireland.

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