Monday, October 24, 2011

Activity at Ultramar

The Ultramar dock in Eastern Passage is usually a quiet spot. Since the Ultramar refinery was shut down and the facility relegated to storage it rarely sees a tanker. The present visitor moved to Ultramar after a visit to Imperial Oil.

Sanmar Stanza flies the flag of India and carries its name on the bow in English and in Indian script.

Built in 1999 as Freja Spring by Onomichi ZKK in Japan, the ship measures 28,546 gross tons and 47,110 deadweight. It assumed its current name earlier this year. An oil products carrier, it also has facilities to handle molasses and caustic soda.

My records indicate that it arrived off Halifax March 25, 2004 to embark an ice adviser, but did not enter port. At that time it also has some technicians ferried out on the launch Halmar.


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