Monday, July 20, 2020

Big and Bigger, not biggest

As container ships get bigger and bigger, it becomes more and more difficult to say which ship is the biggest to call in Halifax. That is because ships' container capacity does not necessarily compare to the ships' tonnages in the same ratio.

The current record holders for most container capacity, at 14,414 TEU, CMA CGM T. Jefferson and CMA CGM A. Lincoln have tonnages of 140,872 gt, 143,966 dwt. However today's arrival, rated at 13,880 TEU CMA CGM Christoph Colomb is a very much larger ship, at 154,199 gt, 165,375 dwt, but is the same length and but 3 meters wider.

PSA Halifax is getting ready for even larger ships with its newest crane (second from the left) which does not appear to be in service yet. 

CMA CGM Christoph Colomb dates from 2009 and Daewoo Shipbuilding + Marine Engineering Co Ltd in Okpo, South Korea and is named for the "Who Was Lost?" explorer of 1492.


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