Thursday, July 23, 2020

One or the Other [Amended]

At this time of the year it is either heat distortion or fog that makes for a fuzzy photo. It was the former rather than the latter on July 21 when the BOA Barge 34 arrived back in Halifax carrying the Production Field Centre (PFC) from the now defunct Deep Panuke gas field.

Maersk Cutter in the lead towing Boa Barge 34.

After tying up at the IEL pier the PFC was jacked up again on its own legs and the barge slipped out*. The PFC is not a floating hull as jack-up drill rigs would be, so must remain above water.

By this morning the tip of the PFC's flare boom was shrouded in fog, as work continues alongside. The Dominion Warrior can just be made out alongside below the helo pad.

The unit was to have remained on the barge for up to year, anchored off Mulgrave, but there was no safe holding ground for the anchors there,  so it may remain in Halifax until a buyer can be found. 

We note that the heavy lift ship Bigroll Beaufort is still anchored off Halifax, and presumably could be mobilized on short notice.

*Amendment- the Boa Barge 34 is not visible in the photo, because it is submerged in place under the PFC. It has not been moved out yet.

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