Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Desgagnés for Irving

While Irving Oil sometimes imports refined product to Halifax from overseas on foreign flag tankers, it also supplies its Woodside depot from its Saint John, NB refinery (Canada's largest) with its own small Canadian flag fleet of two ships. From time to time it will also hire other Canadian flag tankers from Algoma or Pétro-Nav (Desgagnés).

Today it was Gaïa Desgagnés arriving from Saint John.

It went to anchor for a time then tied up at the Irving's Woodside terminal to unload.

Desgagnés has been expanding and modernizing its fleet lately, with several new built tankers, but this one is a bit of an exception as it was bought "used". However it was less than a year old when acquired, so must be considered barely broken in. The ship came from Swedish owners Furetank Rederi where it sailed as Fure Vinga. Built in 2018 by AVIC Dingheng in Yangzhou, it is an ice class vessel of 12,770 gt, 17,999 dwt. Desgagnés took delivery and renamed the ship in April 2019.

This is the fifth dual fuel tanker in the fleet, and it is capable of burning LNG as well as conventional fuel. So far however Desgagnés have no tankers that can carry LNG as cargo.

Groupe Desgagnés  operates a fleet of 23 ships. This number includes 12 tankers under the Pétro-Nav subsidiary.


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