Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebrity Summit

Sailing this evening after its first call in Halifax, Celebrity Summit was bathed in warm sunshine. However dark billows of fog are blowing in from the sea, and it won't be long before the ship will be socked in.

After pulling off pier 22 the ship headed "north about", going north she would circle round George's Island to head southbound for sea.

A sail boat was in her way and, stupidly, would not alter course until the ship repeatedly blew her whistle in blasts of 5. She had to do it three times before getting clear. There was some sort of malfunction in the whistle that gave it a very hoarse sound - but it was still audible!

Celebrity Summit is registered in Malta, and was built in 2001. It measures 90,280 gross tons and has a capacity of 1990 passengers.

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