Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Asian Emperor - cleanup continues

Aboard the autocarrier Asian Emperor the cleanup and repair from storm damage continues, now at pier 30. The ship originally berthed at pier 27 where both the stern ramp and side ramp were used to access the cargo deck and remove damaged machinery and other cargo that had broken loose in a storm while crossing from Southampton to Halifax. [see previous post]
Yesterday the ship moved to Autoport to unload the automobiles that were scheduled for delivery in Halifax.
Asian Emperor entering Eastern Passage en route to Autoport yesterday.
At midnight the ship shifted over to pier 30 where cleanup continued, with the removal of other damaged cargo, pumping spilled fuel out of bilges and repairs to damaged decks and fittings. It is also possible that they may restow some of the damage cargo for delivery to US insurers.
At pier 30 the cleanup continues.
This combine will not be harvesting any crops, but the digger behind it  may be repairable.
I have received numerous requests from persons with cars aboard the ship, about possible damage to their vehicles. Unfortunately I do have access to Autoport, where the cars destined for Canada would have been unloaded. Most of the owners had BMWs on the ship, but there are likely to have been other brands as well.
It does raise interesting questions however. Autoport would be able to repair minor damage to vehicles, but obviously they would not be able to repair severe damage. In previous cases where automobiles were seriously damaged, submerged or remained heeled over for lengthy periods, the auto makers elected to have the cars scrapped. Rather than face potential warranty issues with the cars, it was wisest to write them off.
In this case however, I am not aware of any such severe damage to cars. Most of the damage seems to have taken place on the oversize cargo area near the stern of the ship where something broke loose and rolled around crashing into the other cargo and causing those units to break loose too.

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  1. I had a BMW X5 M on this ship and it was completely destroyed. The captain should be relieved of duty for hazarding his crew and cargo as he did. Absolutely reckless.