Thursday, February 20, 2014

Onego Rotterdam - rails from Poland

Onego Rotterdam arrived today with a load rails from Poland. CN Rail has been steadily importing rails through Halifax for some time now, and ships arrive on a regular basis.

Onego Shipping has the contract for delivering the rails and seems to come up with a different ship every time. This one is owned by HS Bereederung of Haren Ems, Germany, through its Dutch subsidiary Emtrans Scheepvaart of Ter Apel.
Built in 2013 by Damen in Begum, Netherlands (although the hull was likely built in Poland or Romania) it measures 5420 grt, 8096 dwt. It is a multi-purpose type with two box shaped holds and full width hatches. It has removable tween decks and hatch covers and is fitted with a pair of 60 tonne cranes that can work in tandem.
It sailed from Szczecin January 24 and bunkered at Skaw January 30 before setting out across the Atlantic. There is no outward sign that it suffered any damage from the storms in the area, but it was undoubtedly a rough crossing for a ship of its size.


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