Monday, February 24, 2014

Asian Emperor - on the move again

The damaged autocarrier Asian Emperor was on the move again this evening, shifting from Pier 30-31 to Fairview Cove. Welding repairs to the ship's stern ramp were going on all weekend, and no doubt a lot of other work was taking place within the ship which was not visible.

Asian Emperor en route to Autoport February 18.
Today's move was brought about by the need to free up Pier 30 for tomorrow's arrival of Zeelandia. The Nirint ship is due to unload nickel sulfides from Cuba, and Pier 31 is set up for that work. The cargo, in bulk bags, is loaded directly on to rail cars or stored in the nearby transit shed. With no ships due at Fairview Cove, the berths there are open for several days. However we could expect Asian Emperor to move again when those berths are needed for container ships.

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