Sunday, February 23, 2014

Halifax Shipyard launch and roll out (Part 2)

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M. Charles M.B. en route back to the shipyard for fitting out after overnighting at pier 9B.
Meanwhile at the shipyard, the last patrol boat in the series Captain Goddard M.S.M. was rolled out immediately after the launch to allow for the demolition of the buildings in which it was assembled.
Captain Goddard M.S.M. sits outside now where she will be readied for launch. By that time the buildings in the background will likely be gone to make room for the new shipyard buildings.
Both the Charles and Goddard will serve on the west coast, and  will be transported to the Pacific - they will not sail on their own hulls according to the latest plans.
I have also been reliably informed that the boats can exceed their design speed if lightly loaded, and speeds of over 26 knots have been achieved in normal trials, with 29 knots in tests.

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