Sunday, February 23, 2014

Halifax Shipyard launch and roll out (Part 1)

After the successful launch of the CCG Hero class patrol boat M. Charles M.B. late last night/ early this morning, the boat was shepherded to pier 9B as a temporary berth. The regular fitting out berth, also at pier 9B is still occupied by the previous boat in the class A. LeBlanc which has not been handed over to the CCG yet.

A. LeBlanc (background) at the fitting out berth, and M. Charles M.B. foreground.
Early this afternoon, Dominion Diving's work boats Halmar and Roseway tugged the new ship back to Halifax Shipyard to tuck it in alongside the Novadock.
 Halmar with a bow line and Roseway on the quarter, ease the M.Charles M.B. away from the dock.

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