Saturday, September 24, 2011

Traffic in the Narrows

1. Grand Manan Adventure has just cleared the Novadock and is heading to Bedford Basin for trials.

2. Off pier 9 (almost exactly where the Mont Blanc and Imo collided in 1917, and which resulted in the Halifax Explosion) she passes the outbound AFL New England.

Ships don't often meet in the Narrows, but if the ships are relatively small a meet off the site of the 1917 explosion is certainly doable.

Grand Manan Adventure left the Novadock floating drydock Friday afternoon for Bedford Basin and trials as AFL New England sailed from Fairview Cove for sea, and the meet was timed to allow the ships to pass safely.

The stubby Adventure spent two hours in the Basin, and trials must have gone well. At about 6 pm she could be seen idling off the shipyard as workers returned to the yard on a bright orange RHIB. The ship then sailed for her home port to resume service.

AFL New England is on her weekly round to Boston and Portsmouth. The line reports that cargo is building. However a report in the local paper stated that she loads at Fairview Cove and Halterm. To my knowledge she has never yet called at Halterm. If boxes come from that terminal, they must be trucked to Fairview Cove. [See comment - she called once while I was away]




  1. She's Called once at Halterm.. on Aug 26

  2. not sure that my first comment went through, so here it is again
    It is "Adveture", there is no "r" at the end.
    Otherwise, excellent posting on a most interesting blog, I enjoy them all

  3. Canadian Miner is not the last Halco laker, CSL's Cedarglen, former Montcliffe Hall is still in service. At last check, Industrial and James Transport also still survive in Panama and Doan Transport still sails under Lagos flag.