Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quiet Day

1. Cranes up - no work for the holiday.

New Years Day is a "no work" day in the port of Halifax, but unusually this year, there was a ship tied up and ready for the end of the holiday.

Thailand Express (ex OOCL Seattle) arrived yesterday at Fairview Cove and is poised and ready for the resumption of work. Two ships are also anchored off the port. One, the autocarrier Pegasus Highway, was due to tie up at Autoport at 6 pm but as of 9 pm was still at anchor. The other, OOCL Shanghai, will wait until Thailand Express sails.

The work holidays for the port are dictated by the collective agreement between the labour unions and the Halifax Employers Association. Read more on their new web site:

Although New Year's Day is not currently displayed, here are the rules for Christmas:

"No work to be performed from 12h00 (noon) on December 24 until 18h00 on boxing Day (Dec. 26), except that on Boxing Day ship work and coincident related terminal work may commence at 08h00 or 13h00 and shall be paid at double the rates shown for Holidays, to a maximum of six (6) times the basic wage rate in the appended wage schedules of the collective agreement. In addition, emergency work and lines may be performed during the no work period and the rates of pay shall be double the rates for Holidays, to a maximum of six (6) times the basic wage rate."


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