Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HMCS Athabaskan - off to refit

A decidedly shabby HMCS Athabaskan sailed this afternoon for refit at the Seaway Marine & Industrial Inc [corrected -see comment] shipyard at St. Catharines (Port Weller) ON.

Although in need of a shave and a haircut, the ship will obviously be getting more than two bits worth of work. The $21.7mn contract is to be completed by autumn, so that the ship will be able to leave the Great Lakes before freeze-up closes the St.Lawrence Seaway.

Before sailing, local Dockyard forces removed obsolete radars and other weapon systems-giving the ship a very stripped down and bare look.

The St. Lawrence Seaway opens for business again this year on March 22, so Athabaskan will be arriving at Port Weller when the yard releases the ships it has worked on over the winter.



  1. dry dock is not quite ready, since my boat, and another, are still in there, but well soon be out, making way for her.

  2. Drydock's name is Seaway Marine and Industrial.

  3. She looks non the worse for ware let me tell yah.

  4. Gee, Fraser didn't look much worse when they towed her back. You're sure she's going for a refit?

  5. She's in for refit for sure, as the hangers are being modified for the new cyclones, and new systems are going in. Updates are happening.

  6. To the last comment;

    Athabaskan is not being modified to carry any new helicopters, that is happening to the frigates.