Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bedford Basin helo ops

It was an unusual sight in Bedford Basin today to see three Canadian warships riding at anchor, all ready for helicopter operations. The safety nets around their helo decks were lowered, but I only saw one 'copter operating when I was there.

1. Left to right: Iroquois, St.John's, Charlottetown. Ville de Québec

2. Charlottetown Ville de Québec nets down and ready.

3. St.John's also ready.

4. Sea King casts its shadow on Iroquois on approach.

5. In position.

6. And down.


  1. Fantastic photos Mac! They were doing a ceremonial anchorage..

  2. Check your hull numbers, 332 is not Charlottetown.

  3. Great pics Mac! Just a correction on one though, 332 is the VDQ not the Charlottetown.