Saturday, December 15, 2012

CCGS Corporal Teather C.V. takes to the water

1. A crew from Connors Diving assists in the launch from a small boat.

The patrol vessel CCGS Corporal Teather C.V. took to the water this morning. It was a cold and windy day, and as with the launch of the first boat in the Coast Guard's Hero class, this one hung up on the end of the launch way for time. I stand corrected- the cradle did not hang up. The launch was stopped before the ship hit the water, so that the lines securing the cradle to the hull could be released, and the hull checked for water tightness. When all was well, the ship was launched without incident. The first Hero launch did hang up, but not this one
A crew from Connors Diving in a small boat, and the two tugs Atlantic Oak and Atlantic Willow soon had the matter in hand assisted and the ship was safely afloat [see also Tugfax]
This is the third of nine Hero class boats built by the yard, and it will fit out at pier 9B.
The internet has many accounts of the heroism of RCMP Corporal Robert Teather, but one interesting one can be found on the RCMP Veterans Association web site at:
The ship will enter service early in 2013.

2. With tugs fore and aft, Corporal Teather C.V. moves toward pier 9B.

3. Atlantic Oak handles the bow line.

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