Sunday, October 3, 2010

Anchored off

1. Left Arsos, right Stellar Lily in the outer anchorages.

2. CCGS Edward Cornwallis rolls a bit as she sails close inshore. Arsos blocks the view of Stellar Lily.

Eastern Passage provided a good viewing spot this afternoon. There were two ships anchored off and one passing. The outer anchorages are used by ships not wishing to enter port, as no pilot is required to reach the area from sea. It is not good holding ground however, and is only used when winds are moderate.

The container ships Arsos, is anchored until tomorrow, when she will berth at pier 42 for CMA/CGM.

Stellar Lily is a specialized wood chip carrier. She is bound for Sheet Harbour and is awaiting a berth there. She will take a pilot from Halifax. She will also need tugs. These have usually been provided by Svitzer, but with the change in tug service in Halifax under the new joint venture with Atlantic Towing, it is likely that tow Atlantic tugs will be dispatched. Since it is almost a 100 mile round trip to Sheet Harbour, taking a good chunk out of the day for tugs, the ship may also be waiting for a time when tugs are available for that long a period.

The Coast Guard's Edward Cornwallis was arriving from work on the Eastern Shore and was sailing along the coast. This route is outside the normal shipping lanes, and so it is rare to see a ship this close to shore.

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