Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Work Really Starts

Work has now really started on the extension of pier 42. McNally Construction has been gearing up for the last week or so, and this week they got rolling.

As predicted when I jumped the gun on January 7, 2010, the entire walkway from the park to the end of pier has been closed for the duration of the project. This is too bad, but we are promised that there will be a new viewing platform at the seaward end of the extended pier.

In January McNally drove sheet piles on the face of pier 42 to accommodate future work. Now the future work has started, with demolition of the viewing platform at the end of the pier. Included in the new work will be some dredging and digging, then driving piles, forming the new pier walls and filling. It will therefore be many months before we will have that wonderful vantage point for ship watching.

Some of the work will be conducted from the land side, but there will also be sea side work, although this may be largely invisible. I will post updates.

See the January 7 posting for an impression of the extension.

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