Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giant load of barley

A rare bulk grain cargo has just been loaded on the bulker Panamax Giant at pier 28. The huge ship took part of its load at the port of Sorel-Tracy on the St.Lawrence River. Due to draft restrictions on the upper river, it could not take a full load there, so it arrived in Halifax to top off.

The ship was built in 1993 as Transgiant by Hitachi Zosen in Maizuni, Japan, to maximum Panama Canal dimensions. She measures 38,105 gross tons, and 71,665 deadweight tonnes at full load draft. Her dimensions are 223.7m overall length, 32.24 breadtg and maximum 13.461m draft. However if she wishes to pass through the Panama Canal she must go at a lesser draft, which means less than maximum cargo.

The ship is expected to sail after dark this evening, hence the through the fence shot. It shows the grain gallery and the six spouts used to drop grain into the ship's seven holds.


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